Bespoke Dividers/Indexes/Tabs

Please visit our new tab dividers dedicated website, where you can design, preview and order your bespoke dividers.

Any sizes, stock weight and colour, oversized A4, AQ, A5 dividers, on the right hand side, on the bottom, on the top, single or double sided, with your own titles, 4 hole drilled, placed into binders, shrink wrapped, boxed up, shipped abroad? Delivered to your office? Incorporated with other documentation? Just say how many sets of dividers you might need and do you need them for yesterday?- flexible quantities;

When ordering your 'Bespoke Dividers' please include details:
1. What size dividers do you require - A4, AQ, A5, A4+, AQ+ etc.
2. How many positions on a sheet would you like (for titles/words we always suggest 5 positions, which gives a nice spread, 10-20 positions for 'numbers only' dividers) .
3. Would you like your dividers to be printed on a white card or colour card - vanguard colours.
4. Would you like the text to be vertical/horizontal/ pointing inwards or outwards?
5. Would you like a free sample of your dividers?
6. You do not need to order 100 sets! We are very happy to produce quantities of 5 or 10 sets*


*Paid for upon completion of the order.

Please have a look at our Tab Dividers' Gallery.

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